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Nestled in the midst of a dense forest, our exquisite Spa stands as a true haven for the senses. Situated at the heart of Pangarh, it provides a healing retreat surrounded by serene landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and wellness experiences deeply rooted in the inspiration of nature and tranquility. The Spa at Pangarh, offering a blend of serene luxury and a distinctive combination of informality and intimacy, features a ‘natural swimming pool’ that cleanses itself without the use of chemicals, a hammam (steam room), and treatment rooms. The property boasts enchanting spots amidst nature, perfect for meditation and contemplation.

We extend an invitation to uncover your inner peace and balance through our array of traditional Ayurvedic treatments, modern holistic spa therapies, and tailor-made wellness encounters—all within this magical and rejuvenating space. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual’s biology, we present a diverse range of bodywork and massage treatments. For some, a gentle touch aims to pacify a troubled mind, while others may find relief from muscular tension through a more profound form of bodywork. Regardless, the fundamental intention remains constant—to alleviate the body and bring tranquility to the mind.

Immerse yourself in profound relaxation with this extraordinary and divine therapy that seamlessly blends various massage techniques to ease and dissolve physical, mental, and emotional barriers. Utilizing rhythmic, undulating movements along the spine, this treatment aims to alleviate muscle tension and open pathways for energy to circulate more freely. The ultimate goal is to facilitate your body’s self-rebalancing, enabling optimal functioning.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes

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Alleviate stress, boost circulation, and rid your body of toxins through this revitalizing massage therapy. Long, smooth strokes, kneading, tapping, and gentle shaking movements are expertly applied in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. This technique enhances oxygen levels in your body, promoting overall health and well-being.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes

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Frequently underestimated in bodywork sessions, our internal organs significantly impact our overall well-being, influencing our mental and emotional conditions and playing pivotal roles in specific health issues.

Drawing inspiration from both traditional Thai Massage and Chinese Chi Nei Tsang, this distinctive therapy focuses on the five elements within the visceral body located in the thorax and abdomen. It effectively releases tension and alleviates pressure in the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes

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A comprehensive, oil-based massage designed to alleviate muscle tension and stiffness across the entire body, promoting enhanced muscle flexibility. Particularly favored by individuals seeking a more intense massage experience, this technique involves deliberate and deep pressure applied to muscle knots until they release.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes

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Reestablish harmony in your body’s natural balance through this profound healing massage, rooted in the principles of the Chinese Meridian System. Delicate acupressure techniques, administered using fingers, hands, elbows, arms, and feet, combined with stretching along the energetic pathways of the body, contribute to restoring equilibrium in your physical, emotional, and energetic aspects.

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

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Embark on a sacred blend of diverse therapies rooted in Shamanic tradition, integrating mindful touch, active listening, and thoughtful questioning to address every facet of your existence—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Soul Bodywork not only relaxes your physical body but also confronts negative belief systems, fostering opportunities for emotional release. This is an unparalleled experience!

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

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Enhance your flexibility, alleviate tension, invigorate internal organs, and realign yourself with balance through this age-old massage technique with roots tracing back to the time of Buddha. Administered on a cozy floor mat, the manipulation of your body involves passive stretching and gentle acupressure along energy lines, effectively releasing blockages, replenishing energy levels, and inducing profound relaxation.

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

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Ease physical tension, unlock energetic barriers, and activate your body’s innate self-healing mechanism with this holistic therapy grounded in physiological, energetic, and structural meridians.

After a thorough consultation, this all-encompassing approach integrates harmonics, manipulation, fascial release, and osteopathic Thai techniques. It operates from the superficial muscular layer to the internal organs, addressing the Sen Energy lines that traverse the body’s length.

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

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Uncover and liberate ingrained patterns that are no longer beneficial, rejuvenating your emotional, mental, and physical well-being through a diverse array of techniques such as tremor releasing, mindful touch, energetic rebalancing, constellation work, kinesiological muscle testing, and belief repatterning.

Highly advisable for individuals grappling with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, burnout, interpersonal relationship challenges, and psychosomatic discomfort.

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

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Embrace profound relaxation and explore new avenues of healing through this meditative discipline that merges channeled Universal energy with your unique life force, elevating your overall well-being. Reiki works to dissolve and eliminate noxious energy and substances across the physical, mental, and emotional layers of your existence, fostering a harmonious energy flow within.

This energetic healing practice involves the strategic placement of hands and/or crystals either on or just above your body to realign your chakras and infuse curative energy into all your organs.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes

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