Ayur asana retreat


    03 DEC 2023 – 10 DEC 2023 (8 DAYS)

    Embark on a transformative 7-day wellness retreat in India that seamlessly integrates yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient system of natural healing, providing profound rejuvenation and enduring health benefits. Experienced instructors will lead daily yoga sessions tailored to your individual needs, while Ayurveda addresses the underlying causes of health issues, offering a holistic and mindful approach to healing.



    Our 7 Day Ayurveda Retreat will feature:

    • Two Group lectures with the Ayurvedic doctor
    • A personalized consultation not only examining your body but delving into an extensive personal and medical history. This includes inquiries about daily diet, professional conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health.
    • A specially crafted Lifestyle change diet plan
    • An Ayurvedic Cooking class introducing you to Ayurvedic cuisine designed to optimize the elements in the human body.
    • Two Basti Treatments
    • Two Ayurvedic Massages
    • One Shirodhara Treatment
    • One Head Massage


    Cost of the Retreat: 415 Euros Per Person +  Accommodation*
    *The accommodation cost will be in addition to the retreat cost as the price can vary depending on the selection of the type of rooms and the occupancy.

    Benefits of the Ayur Asana Retreat:


    • Relaxation and Self Care: Ayurveda plays a pivotal role in balancing, relaxing, and restoring crucial health. Maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being is integral to a healthy life. Special massages within Ayurveda nourish the body, promoting a sense of well-being.
    • Detox and Boosting Immunity: Detoxification rejuvenates and re-energizes the mind, body, and soul, restoring the natural biological rhythm. It aids in disease prevention and helps maintain optimum health.
    • Anti-Aging: Ayurveda offers a wealth of information on principles of anti-aging activity and anti-aging herbs, providing insights into possibilities for maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.
    • Reducing Stress: In the face of today’s hectic lifestyle, stress management is crucial. Ayurveda proves to be an effective tool in improving concentration, overall mindset, and reducing stress.
    • Reduce Aches and Pains: Ayurvedic medicine and therapies target inflammation reduction, improved tissue nutrition, enhanced healing, and improved circulation. Emphasizing herbal treatments, antioxidants, and effective physical exercise, Ayurveda has demonstrated lower inflammation levels, increased energy, and superior healing for many individuals.

    What our Clients Say


    I went for a getaway to Pangarh with my friends. It was our reunion trip, and trust me these people made it a memorable experience of a lifetime for us. So much so that we would definitely like to come here for all our future reunions. Thank you Pangarh, for the effort you put to host your guests.

    Meenal Verma


    Pangarh Retreat is my go-to place for relaxation whenever I’m tired of the busy city life. This place has never disappointed me and has always lived up to my expectations. Reason why it’s my all-time favorite getaway.

    Rajat Singhal

    Charted Accountant Index Consultancy

    From village and forest jeep safaris, to yoga and spa, camping under the open sky and trekking to routes unexplored, yet with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. What’s not to like about this place?

    Sakshi Agarwal


    A perfect place for adventure and peace seekers alike! From unconventional offerings like tree house cottages, horse riding, camping, trekking and village walks, to basic amenities like good food, comfortable rooms, and housekeeping-laundry facilities, this place is beyond perfection!

    Kusum Khemani


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