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About us

Chittorgarh is a saga of valour, tenacity and sacrifice. Come, experience its wonders amidst the serenity and tranquillity of nature at Pangarh Lake Retreat.

Step into our world; off-trail, unspoilt, and in sync with nature, where your days will slip away like birds in flight. Facing the Lotus Lake, the tents are well-fitted with all the amenities intact and the morning sunshine slips in beautifully to wake you up to a visual treat.

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Built in the 8th century ‘Maurya Dynasty’, the Pangarh Retreat was taken under control by the Bijaipur Family in the 16th century from the ‘Hada Rulers’.

The remains of the old Pangarh fort and ancient temples can still be visited at the hilltop at the centre of the Lake. It is also said that the Prince & Princess were offered to God in the Temple which lies beneath the water for overcoming the scarcity of water & thereafter the water in this Lake has never dried. The temple still lies beneath the water which is promptly worshipped by the members of ‘Bijaipur Family’.

At Pangarh Lake Retreat, we have 17 lake facing tents that are well-fitted with all the amenities intact, including well-equipped bathrooms and a private lounge. Set amidst the valleys of Vindhyachal Ranges, in a spectacular and peaceful atmosphere, Pangarh offers various activities such as Village Walks, Jeep Safari, Trekking, Bird Watching, Canoe-Boating, Camping and Organic Farming.

The camps serve the most sought after element, Peace. The only visible part of a temple beneath the surface of Lotus Lake is the white flag rising among the lotus flowers. Its swaying is a constant call for truce and respite in the mind of the beholder and a return to peaceful states of being. Even the sounds of the village across the lake seem to obey the call for stillness and drift instead to entertain the ghosts at the ruins of Pangarh Fort above. The fishermen on their bamboo driven boats appear and disappear amongst the water chestnuts as if they had grown from the water right alongside them and take their home amongst the roots.


Our Activities

Nestled peacefully in the Vindhyachal Ranges, Pangarh is a treasure
trove of experiences waiting to delight you.

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